Bosom Buddy: Doctor Developing “Vacation Breasts”


don’t forget the girls at home.

WE ALL HAVE that mental checklist we go through right before we leave or a vacation. Passport and tickets? Check. That specially-bought outfit for a night out? You bet. Last-minute boob job? Done and… wait. Yup. You read that right. If one NYC doctor has his way, temporary breast enlargements will become as second-nature for vacations as making sure you have a pair of comfortable slip-ons to wear on the plane, because he plans to take them to the next level beyond the saline injections currently available that make bust size even less of a commitment than our hair color.

Dr. Norman Rowe, the man developing the procedure, claims that he is doing so in an attempt to give women considering implants a realistic experience of what that would really entail. Padded bras are one way to test out a bigger chest, of course, but not a very effective one. With the 24-hour saline “insta breast” that is currently on the market, women can experience the real weight and feeling of bigger breasts and either run for the hills or be counting down the minutes until they can get a real implant.

Seeing the potential for more growth in the area (pun definitely intended), Dr. Rowe has started developing a temporary enhancement that would last longer than the 24-hour period the saline option is limited too (because a day is really much too little time to make such a big decision, honestly). The good doctor even has some suggestions for its use: he envisions his procedure as something that women could use for trips, weddings, or any other time when having bigger boobs is deemed desirable. Dubbed “vacation breasts” for their event-oriented limited engagement, the ladies could be sporting makeovers that could last up two to three weeks.

Vacation breasts aren’t quite available yet, but Dr. Rowe is working with the FDA to get them in the marketplace within the next two years. There is one other ingredient involved in the injection besides the saline which Dr. Rowe will not disclose at this time; he does assure us, however, that is commonly used in medical procedures.

As for the relative safety and risks of this procedure… who the heck really knows? No one has ever done this before. Saline itself is thought to be harmless as the body has been proven to absorb and excrete it without problem, but as with any needle-rich procedure, potential patients will suffer the risk of hitting a blood vessel or developing an infection. The 24-hour breasts will currently set you back $2,500, but the vacation breasts being developed at the moment are anticipated to be cheaper.

While this approach is a little more humane than the paraffin injections of the late 1800s or the glass balls and ground rubber that were used to enhance breasts in the early 1900s, it’s still a little strange. Sure, your boobs might have an easier time holding up that bikini at the beach this week, but if your bust size fluctuates more than your nail color, you might confuse your friends and family with your remarkably chesty vacation photos and your not-so-busty selfies.

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