Best Nostalgic Christmas Commercials

packing holiday cheer.

packing holiday cheer.

How do we know it’s the holiday season? By TV commercials of course! We all know it’s Easter time when the Cadbury Bunny commercial runs, and it’s Christmas when the capitalist in all of us is unleashed when commercials pray our memories and nostalgia. That being said, I love Christmas commercials. When it’s seventy degrees in Los Angeles it can be hard to get into the holiday spirit, so it’s nice to see a winter wonderland — even if it’s only on TV.

I have for you my top three favorite Christmas commercials that have stood the test of time.

1) Coca-Cola Santa Packs Are Coming

Try not to sing this song and get it stuck in your head. Really. Try. It’s impossible. Even though this commercial doesn’t really air anymore, as soon as I feel a slight nip in the air I sing to myself, “Santa Packs are coming! Santa Packs are coming!” It’s so damn catchy and festive. Who wouldn’t want a convoy of Coca-Cola trucks rolling through their neighborhood?

2) M&Ms

If you haven’t seen this commercial you’ve been imprisoned about as long as Olivia Pope’s mom- spoiler alert! Oh the irony. Santa is surprised that walking, talking M&Ms do exist! And then he faints. Supposedly from the site of seeing real, live, M&Ms but lets be honest, the dude is totally at risk for a heart attack. It’s cute and branded incredibly well. It has been running on the air in some version since the mid-90’s. Talk about residuals! Somebody’s Christmas dream is coming true.

3) Hershey’s Kisses

I don’t know why, but this commercial makes me want to cry. It’s simple and sweet and reminds me of the bell choir from elementary school. Yes, Hershey’s is promoting their Kisses but I love that they are wishing all of their consumers a Merry Christmas. To me this sums up the spirit of the season and is my favorite. It has also been running every year since its debut. I wasn’t able to find the first air date but it’s also been running since the early 90’s and for many is the real symbol that Christmas is a coming!

Whatever your favorite Christmas commercial is, enjoy it and have a very Merry Christmas!

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