Apparently It's NOT All Good For Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth PaltrowRecently, Gwyneth Paltrow has been the celebrity that everybody has loved to hate.  Her privileged background, her heir of sophistication, and the fact that making a day’s worth of meals from her latest cookbook, It’s All Good, costs about $300 has rubbed people the wrong way.  Gwyneth is now embroiled in a feud but it’s not with another celebrity, it’s with Vanity Fair.

The magazine is in the midst of writing an expose on the Oscar winner and she’s not happy about it.  The story will allegedly detail an affair with billionaire Jeff Soffer, who happens to be married to Elle McPherson, her involvement with the casting couch of Hollywood, and the stories behind the dissolution of friendships with Winona Ryder and Madonna.

Paltrow has gone as far as trying to stop the article from being published and asked her celeb friends (like BFF’s Jay-Z and Beyonce) not to provide any quotes and recommended that they never work with the magazine again.  Me think thou doth protest too much?  Maybe.  But I don’t care if it’s true or not.  I’m on Team Paltrow and here’s why.

What right does Vanity Fair have to dig into these exploits if they are in fact true?  Yes, celebrities are put under a microscope and in a way they sign up for an invasion of their privacy when they cash that first million dollar check or win their first Golden Globe, but this isn’t getting a picture of her with no makeup on at the grocery store.  She didn’t purposely orchestrate a nip-slip on the red carpet for extra attention.  This isn’t something that she put out into the public sphere.  She’s not trying to use her personal life to promote a project.  Vanity Fair was calculated in digging up dirt on her for reasons that are not clear.  They did the probing and are purposely trying to ruin her reputation to sell magazines in a world where people read articles on the internet instead of buying magazines at newsstands.  Vanity Fair usually writes profiles on CEO’s and features articles on political figures, not smarmy gossip.

I get it.  Everyone’s dirty laundry is interesting.  Sure, it might not be as interesting as Gwyneth’s but I don’t think anyone would want journalists investigating the skeletons that are purposely kept in the closet.  Love her Goop-y goodness or hate her, she’s never been one to court the media and that says a lot about a celebrity.

Aside from denials of these incidents from “sources” close to Gwyneth, Paltrow has kept it classy and her mouth shut.  She could’ve struck back but that’s just not how Pepper Potts rolls.

Hopefully it will be all good again soon for Gwyneth.

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