The Silent Killer: Adult-Onset Senioritis

boredom kills.

boredom kills.

You most likely had “senioritis” as a teenager. You know what I’m talking about: that period of time when you completed all of your college applications, turned in all your major assignments and wanted to just coast for the rest of the year. You were burnt out having busted your ass for your entire high school career and felt you deserved a little bit of rest, a little bit of relaxation and a whole lot of fun. Which was was fine because you were eighteen and, with all your Ts crossed and Is dotted when it came to school, you didn’t have many other responsibilities to worry about. You felt like you earned and deserved that break – and you did.

But what happens when you develop senioritis as an adult?

It’s not pretty. You’re tired. You want to rest. But you’re not eighteen anymore with nothing more pressing to worry about than the next party you and your friends are going to. You have responsibilities to shoulder, commitments to meet, and that bane of adult existence, bills to pay. That’s the bummer of being an adult. It’s a shame that Cher can’t come to each and every one of our houses, slap us across the face and scream, “Snap out of it,” but homegirl’s a little busy. So we have to find ways to combat this adult form of senioritis on our own.

Take a short break.
Whether you actually go somewhere on vacation or you stay at home and forgo any communication with the outside world, take a break for a few days. Don’t go to the gym. Don’t go to the grocery store. Call in sick to work. Relax. If you give yourself ample time to disconnect, disengage, and recharge, it will help hit the re-set button on your mind. Without anything to do you may even (gasp) get bored and actually want to accomplish the tasks you have at hand.

Remind yourself that you’re an adult.
Sure, there’s a lot of crap you have to deal with now. You can’t rely on your folks to bail you out of every problem you come across anymore. but you also get to do much more fun stuff than you got to do in high school. You can legally drink, you can have sex without being worried that your parents will find out, and you can spend your money on something stupid. Yes, with great power comes great responsibility, Spidewomann, but try to focus on the power part.

Change things up.
When we get senioritis, it isn’t necessarily because we are overwhelmed. It can be a symptom of boredom. If you hate your job, find a new one. If you aren’t obsessed with your boyfriend or girlfriend, call it quits and move on. Try going to a new bar instead of one where everybody knows your name. Breaking up the repetition in your life will provide a sense of excitement and will minimize any feelings of senioritis you might have.

If none of these work, grab the nearest bottle of booze you can find and drink your troubles away – because, at this point, I’m out of answers and a good buzz might help you figure things out.

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