Don't Be a Dating Drag: Active Date Ideas


get to know your city, and each other.

There’s a fine line between a date of dinner and drinks being super romantic, and well, a little predictable since you’ve done it time and time again. When you’re in a dating rut with a significant other or looking to try something a little more exciting with a new guy, we’ve got some active date ideas to switch things up.


Fitness might not be the first thing to comes to mind for date planning because of all the sweaty potential and spandex wearing, but hiking can be relatively low impact and fun. It basically paves the way for casual conversation, giving you both a constantly changing environment to comment on and the low-pressure scenario of walking side by side. (As opposed to face to face a la dinner date.) You can grab food when you’ve mastered the trail or pack a picnic of finger foods and champagne to attack when you’re done and amp up the romance potential.

Cooking Class

This is one of those things that happens from time to time in movies but should happen way more often in real life. Team building at its finest is being thrown into new territory and making something with newly acquired knowledge. (It’s probably not necessary to point out that if you work well together on some things you might work well together on other things…but it’s true.) Find a class that’s focused on a cuisine that everyone loves like Italian and see what happens. You might end up being the worst cooks in class but you can still share your pasta Lady and the Tramp style if you’re feeling adorable.

Get to Know Your City

No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere there are usually things that you don’t get around to seeing, and maybe even more so if they’re a little too “touristy” for you locals. Take a sightseeing bus tour, visit all those museums you’ve been meaning to get too, or go hunting for those city landmarks that are little off your daily path. The resistance to feeling a bit silly is the part that’s going to turn into excitement when you discover fun facts and things to do in your own town.

Painting Party

Extra points for attending an art class if neither of you think you’re an artist because this is supposed to be fun, people! Find an evening painting party (or ceramic party, etc) where with your entry ticket you get an easel, paint, and a glass of wine. When is the last time you enjoyed some vino while painting when it didn’t coincide with touching up your apartment’s walls? Again it provides the perfect opportunity for casual conversation, gives your brains a break from the grueling 9 to 5, and potentially provides some humor. Oh, and you might surprise yourself and make something you actually want to keep.

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