Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian: Hollywood’s Favorite Lovebirds

aplpWith all of the post-Emmy talk and Breaking Bad season finale buzz that’s been going on these past few weeks, there has been a noticeable level of fresh excitement in the air. And even though the awards are officially over and everyone’s favorite show about DIY meth dealers has finally breathed its last breath, there is still something left to look forward to: Jesse Pinkman got married! More accurately, real-life Aaron Paul got married (he portrayed Bryan Cranston’s meth-making sidekick on the show).

In case you haven’t been keeping up on all the blogs, memes or stalker-ish Tumblr accounts that are dedicated to the insane amount of cuteness that is Aaron Paul and his now-wife, Lauren Parsekian, then you, my friends, are missing out big time. We’re no strangers to how fickle Hollywood is – particularly when it comes to the relationship department. People fall in and out of love all the time. Couples that have been married thirty plus years get divorced in the blink of an eye, while couples that have barely known each other get married sooner than you can snap your fingers. People date their kids’ friends (ahem, Linda Hogan), while others just date their kids (Woody Allen, we are not going to have this conversation again). People end one relationship only to jump into another serious one, and by the end of one regular lunar cycle, you’ve seen more heartbreak and love than on five seasons of The Bold & the Beautiful.

This is why Aaron and Lauren, a 25-year-old activist, Pepperdine alum and co-founder of the Kind Campaign for Bullied Girls (wait, so she’s pretty, smart and nice?) are officially Tinseltown’s new favorite couple. They stand for everything that is not Hollywood. They are down-to-earth (the two fell in love on a Ferris wheel at Coachella); exciting (he pleaded for her to marry him while on a trip to Paris); Aaron has no qualms about frequently expressing the insane amount of love that he has for his “pretty bird” (from giving her a major shout-out during his Emmy win to proclaiming her “the greatest woman that has ever existed” in a GQ interview), and just by looking at the countless images of the two of them (whether they’re gazing deep into each other’s eyes on the red carpet or making silly faces while taking couple selfies in matching hoods and sunglasses), one thing is clear: this couple has that genuine and pure love that only comes along once in a lifetime (if you’re lucky). They serve as hope that real-life fairytales and soul mates still do exist.  While a lot of people may envy want what the other celebs in Hollywood have, like money, private jets, and endless bling, I’ll pass on all of the above.

Because there’s only one thing that I really want, and it’s what Aaron and Lauren have. True love.

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