A New Kind of Cartel


No, the folks behind Cartel, the independent e-magazine and audiobook aren’t political (or wrapped up in the drug game), but they have embarked on an exercise in collaboration in an honest attempt to change the publishing game.

Head editor Paul Shirley finds the best writers he can before turning them loose, telling them they can write about whatever they’d like. Then, each writer edits another. The result isn’t a blog or a series of quick-hitting posts. The result is a thoughtful, well-formed quarterly magazine that will recharge your belief in the power of writing.

Their 5th edition aptly named, Cartel V, arrived last week in both audio AND visual form, which means you can listen to it when stuck in traffic, or read it on your lunch break.

Cartel V features:

Steven Hyden on The Who.
Eric Nusbaum on Cuba.
Paul Shirley sharing the secret to living forever.
Paul Merrill taking issue with John Hughes.
Gabe Muoneke explaining what it’s like in Nigeria.
And Peter Harrison in the Navajo Nation.

Cartel // an E-magazine from Van Ditthavong on Vimeo.

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