A Clever Idea: Host A Clothing Swap Party

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this for that, minus the trout pout.

The first time I heard about clothing swap parties was when a good friend of mine invited me to one she was hosting. She created a company that threw the parties, and for a small entry fee you got into the event, enjoyed food and drinks, and left with a ton of lightly used, new-to-you, clothing items.

Recently I spoke to another friend of mine about a similar party she attended. This one was hosted by a friend of hers, and was a private party rather than a community event. It got me thinking about hosting one of my own, and how much fun this could be for Lady Clever readers to do as well!

So what exactly is a clothing swap party? It’s pretty simple. Everyone brings gently used clothing and accessories that they are looking to get rid of. This can include everything from shoes to handbags, dresses to jeans, anything you don’t wear anymore but is in good enough condition to gift to someone else. Once everything is laid out, you begin the swap. Everyone has different rules as to how many things you can take, etc., so I wanted to break down my ideal clothing swap scenario.

Here is how I would host the party:

1) Create categories, and ask that everyone bring at least one item from each. Mine would be shirts, pants, dresses, jewelry, handbags and scarves. I would encourage everyone to bring as many as they’d like, but a minimum of one per category is required.

2) Everyone brings one bottle of champagne and one brunch item. That will provide enough food and drinks for the party, without asking the host to purchase everything.

3) Swap in rounds. Each person gets their choice of one item from each category, and once everyone has had their first go-around, the rest is first come, first serve.

4) Anything not chosen will be donated! A great way to clean the closet while also giving back to the community.

Now that I’ve written it all out, I think this is going to have to happen pretty soon. Have you ever hosted a clothing swap? Anything I’m missing that should be added to my list?–Sasha Huff

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