3 Good Uses for a Vintage Treasure Chest

when in doubt, add flowers.

when in doubt, add flowers.

Vintage treasure chests (some folks call them trunks). From behemoth-sized whoppers to dainty little carry-ons, treasure chests have more uses than a home for pirate’s booty. Sift around estate sales and thrift or antique shops enough, and you might land upon a surprise chest of your own.

They’re big, and they’re heavy, but they make for excellent props and home décor. Here are three ways you can turn an old hope chest into a statement piece in a living room or bedroom.

Store extra linens, blankets and towels

Giant treasure chests are a chic alternative to ugly plastic storage boxes. Show off the treasure chest as a centerpiece in the living room. Tuck extra winter throws, picnic blankets, tablecloths, towels and other linens discretely inside the treasure chest when you’re not using them.

Place it at the foot of the bed

What goes at the foot of a big bed? Most often, it’s a bench or chairs. If your bedroom has a neutral or sea-themed color palette, place your treasure chest at the end of the bed to cement your sleeping place as the anchor of the room. Match treasure chests to nearly any kind of interior design style. The natural wood will pop as a contrast against a glossy white modern room, and it’ll complement well with oranges and corals.

 Rent it out for weddings or photo shoots

Antique treasure chests offer quaint, rustic touches to outdoor weddings or fashion photo shoots. Instead of letting the treasure chest rot in the back of a closet or garage, why not rent it out to others who want a little more oompf to a themed setting? Put an ad on Craigslist or look up a local interior design company.

Outdoor weddings evoke nature’s charm: Natural woods, soft fabrics, wildflowers and gardens. Maybe someone’s having a beach wedding – how appropriate for a treasure chest! Instead of a photo booth machine, create an outdoor photo backdrop for wedding guests. Drape chiffon from a canopy, scatter some seashells and netting, and set the treasure chest at an angle to the side. Guests can sit on the chest, or inside of it, for some memorable wedding photos.

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