Jump in the Sack: The Health Benefits of Sex

bedfitSex is quite the multitasker. Sometimes it’s a vice, sometimes it’s a vessel for making new people, sometimes it’s love, sometimes it’s an advertisement, and hopefully more often then not it’s fun. It’s safe to say that we’re pretty into it. Here’s some extra motivation to jump in the sack or simply some icing on the cake if you’re already doing it. regularly.

Sleep Better

The de-stressing endorphins that are released when you have sex (and particularly when you orgasm) can help you fall asleep faster. You have probably already noticed the post coital sleepy potential, but keep it in mind as an alternative to counting sheep next time you can’t seem to nod off.

Stop Pain

The hormone and endorphin rush during an orgasm is similar to the way morphine affects your body, so a good sex session can help do away with headaches and most delightfully…menstrual cramps. (A do it yourself session counts too.) Sex can also speed up your period by contracting your uterus and moving things along faster, and can even help prevent endometriosis. The increased circulation can help your body heal cuts faster as well.

Build Antibodies

Besides just making you feel better and less stressed out sex can actually keep you physically healthier, by inspiring your body to increase production of the antibody immunoglobulin which helps prevent the cold and the flu. Brings a new meaning to the flu shot.

Look Better

People who have sex on the regular are often perceived as younger looking than people who do not, partly in thanks to the hormone surges that keep your skin and hair looking fly. When blood pumps to the skin that special glow becomes a reality and new collagen is even stimulated to form. Better than botox? Certainly less painful.

Physical Fitness

We shouldn’t doing away with your spin class or yoga routine, but having sex can give you some real physical body benefits. For one thing, when things get active during sex you are actually working on your cardiovascular fitness, which might help lower your systolic blood pressure. The calorie burn can depend on how vigorous things actually get but as on average it burns around 150-200 calories per half hour. So one quickie won’t exactly do away with last night’s cheat meal, but having sex on the regular and you might work off the equivalent of jogging quite a few miles over a year. The calorie burn of course comes from the movement and elevated heart rate during a sack session, but researchers are suggesting that the best way to bulk up the calorie burn is to make it that big O moment.

Self Esteem

While having sex is certainly not a precursor to having healthy self-esteem, it can help. People who report having good sex tend to feel more sexy and attractive out of the bedroom as well.

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