How To Reform Your Party Girl Ways

not all it's cracked up to be.

not all it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve all had that horrible moment at some point the morning after when we wake up looking more like Courtney Love than Jennifer Love Hewitt. If that isn’t enough to make us want to clean up our act, the almost-worse-than-death hangover or constant fear about what we said or did the night before because our memory is escaping us, is. So what’s a girl to do? Here’s your four-step guide on how to reform your party girl ways and go from Lohan to level-headed.

No New Friends- Most of your new party friends don’t give a crap about you. Yeah, I said it. But you needed to hear it. Their primary function in your life is to make you feel better about making bad choices because they’re making those same bad choices right along side of you. Re-connect with old friends and friends that you do things with other than hoarding hooch all night long.

Sobriety- Try to stay sober for one week. That’s all it takes. Really. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and clear headed in the morning. There’s a joke that goes something like: “I feel bad for sober people. When they wake up, that’s the best they’ll feel all day.” But there’s something to waking up ready to take on the day and not wanting to stay in the fetal position. Just remember how motivated you feel one day at a time.

Hobbies- When you go out almost every night that becomes your hobby. A Sunday tennis or golf lesson is pretty much out of the question because you probably won’t be feeling up to par the next morning. Re-visit your old hobbies or find new ones. Once you realize you can have a great time without going out and dancing on top of a table you’ll be less likely to relapse into your former party girl self.

Set Goals- Always wanted to get that six-pack at the gym? Been meaning to read Wuthering Heights for like, forever? If you write down a list of things you want to accomplish and start doing them you’ll realize what a pure waste of time partying is. And the best thing about goals is you can always set new ones so you’ll never run out of tasks to accomplish and will never be bored.

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