Five Yoga Poses You Can Do From Your Bed

beautiful young woman practicing yoga meditation

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We’re sure many of you can relate to the mentality that being healthy is important, but sometimes putting in the effort to exercise, cook all of our meals at home, stay away from vices, and all of the other things the internet insists we do, can be tiring.

Sure, in a perfect world all of us would be at our peak health at every moment and never succumb to our impulses, but it’s not realistic.

This year we’ve embarked on a mission to find areas of our lives where we can make small changes toward the positive. The idea: rather than committing to a smaller amount of huge life changes, why not tackle 2013 by making more commitments to smaller changes.

One of those changes: be better to our body! That includes cleaner eating, exploring our hobbies more, and of course, adding in a bit more exercise where we can.

When our expensive gym membership expired last year, we decided to find new and free ways to make our body say “thank you.” Enter: Yoga in bed!

No, not during THAT time in bed (although we hear that it’s great for that too :O). We’re talking about certain poses you can do before you go to bed, while laying/sitting IN the bed. We love it.

Here are some poses that can be done in bed right before you go to sleep.

The Happy Baby – We do this one while watching TV on the couch a lot and our boyfriend gives us weird looks.

Cobra – Do this one right before you let your face smother right into that pillow for lights out!

Butterfly – Another favorite of ours from when we used to take dance classes as a kid.

Child’s Pose – Doing this for a minute before bed may help you sleep better!

Corpse Pose – Sounds creepy but it’s just a way to relax the mind before you go into dreamland.

PS- I’m not a yogi, don’t really enjoy conventional yoga, but I do all of these poses at some point during my evening routine and I enjoy it.

Happy sleeping!–Sasha Huff

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