Feng Shui Your Life with Color


balance that chi.

With the New Year steadily approaching, people are starting to think about their upcoming New Year’s resolutions. Career goals, weight loss and kicking bad personal habits like smoking are always at the top of that list, along with another big one: getting organized. A lot of people are getting into Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese art and science based around balancing energy  in any given space in order to ensure good health, fortune, relationships and so forth. Feng means “wind” while shui means “water” and is based on the Taoist understanding of nature and the idea that the earth is filled with chi or energy.

A lot of people hire Feng Shui experts or interior designers with a Feng Shui background to come rearrange their offices, homes and gardens in order to create a sense of balance and harmony within their homes (not to mention that simply rearranging things can make your home look a lot nicer). And did you know that Feng Shui is supposed to help with other things as well, including your love life? Here are a few common Feng Shui practices that you can incorporate into your own home and life that will bring you balance, prosperity…and maybe even love in 2014. Colors play a big part in the shift of energy in your home or office space and this is one of the easier ways to make a dramatic change – all you have to do is grab a paintbrush.

Fire: Colors like red, orange, and pink represent the fire element of Feng Shui (there are five elements in total: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). The fire colors represent sexual energy, strength and power, as well as love and relationships. If you’re not too keen on painting an entire wall of your home red, you can also choose to accent your living room with red pillows or flowers.

Earth: Some of the colors that represent the earth element include beige and light yellow. These are meant to create stability and calm protection, particularly in relationships, as well as maintenance of health. Natural crystals and stones in these specific colors are a great way to incorporate the earth element into your home. Fill a clear bowl or glass with sand-colored rocks and crystals or arrange them on your coffee table to create a positive flow of energy.

Metal: Gray and white are the colors that represent the metal element, which stands for sharpness, clarity, and precision. Metal sculptures, vases, and bowls are perfect for this specific purpose, and can even be incorporated with the other elements as well (you can place colored crystals or rocks in a metal bowl or arrange plants in a metal vase for the perfect balance among metal, earth and wood.)

Water: This element symbolizes abundance, purity and freshness, and is represented through blue and black. A water fountain is the perfect way to incorporate this element into your home, whether it be a desktop fountain or a full-sized one that greets visitors at your entrance.

Wood: Growth, vitality and health are all related to the wood element, and the ideal colors are brown and green. Plants and any unique pieces made out of driftwood or other types of natural wood make great accessories to any home space, not to mention the clean air that they provide. You can even set up a small area for herbs in your kitchen, which will also yield similar results.

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