Do We Really Need an App for This? Lick This.


Ladies if you’ve been trying to figure out a slick way to get your lover to improve their skills in the lady lovin’ department, you have a new option for approaching the discussion. Warning: it’s not exactly subtle. The new app “Lick This” wants to solve your problem by offering some simple exercises to work out one’s tongue with the potential outcome of honing in skills and improving the gal’s experience in oral sex game.

The app isn’t going to make it a less painful conversation to suggest that a guy (or girl) needs to go back and study for something that he probably thinks he’s already doing well, but it might be a good option to throw out if your guy is staring at his phone and not listening to you. “If you’re going to rudely stare at your phone all through dinner again then you should at least check out the ‘Lick This’ app.”

Or something along those lines.

The app takes the user through some simulated exercises where you lick your phone to flip a light switch on and off with your tongue, sharpen a pencil, and even bounce a beach ball. Don’t worry germaphobes and people who are sensibly concerned about licking their dirtball phones, the app suggests that you use a cover of plastic wrap to keep things clean. (Look at that, also good practice for your sex life.)

The pioneering minds over at Club Sexy Time who created the app actually have a variety of ideas for changing your online experiences. They have something called “Touch Room” that requires you to enter to get the full details so that curiosity is halted here, but they also have some interesting plans to improve your web surfing experience. They are going where no man has gone before by offering a browser extension called “Club Hova State” which allows you to browse the internet with a Jay-Z worthy mouse cursor. I mean, finally.

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