Would You Lose It…With John Stamos?


yep, lost it.

Virginity and how you lost yours is one of the most intimate secrets you keep.  So it’s surprising that there are people, celebrities no less, willing to speak candidly with John Stamos about how they lost theirs.  Stamos’ new interview web series, Losing It With John Stamos can be found on Yahoo Screen and is essentially him interviewing celebrities about how and when they lost their virginity and their sexuality leading up to and beyond losing their V-card.

Okay so I might be playing fast and loose with the term “celebrities”-  Perez Hilton is interviewed.  So is Olivia Munn, Jeff Ross, and Adam Pally. As much as this show rubbed me the wrong way (pun intended) at first, after watching a few episodes I realized that it was kind of genius.

John Stamos isn’t only a Greek yogurt wheeling and dealing mastermind.

he makes the best screen grabs.

he makes the best screen grabs.

He’s found a way to combine America’s two most popular obsessions; sex and celebrities.  The only thing that even comes close (yes, another pun) to matching America’s obsession with sex is hearing about celebrities doing it.  Just think about the popularity of celebrity sex tapes.  Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s yacht romp started things off, followed by Paris Hilton showing us just how social the socialite can be.  And dare I forget that these people paved the way for Kim Kardashian: Superstar, which is still one of the biggest selling sex tapes to date.

But just because the show is titillating and intriguing does it mean that it’s good?  Most celebrities complain about their lack of privacy in their personal lives so it’s a little confusing that some are willing to reveal the details about how one of the most private moments went down.  Okay, that’s the last of the puns.  I personally think that the details are best reserved for booze fueled girls nights and not the Internet.  But hey if getting the down and dirty details from Uncle Jesse is your thing, have mercy!

If you’re curious about how celebs popped their cherry’s you can check out Losing It With John Stamos for yourself.

one more for good measure.

one more for good measure.


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