Ten Rules: The Emmy Party Drinking Game

If you plan on snuggling up on your couch this Sunday with a cup of tea to watch the 65th Emmys, you might want to reconsider your beverage of choice. Invite a few pals over and indulge in The Savory’s Emmy Party Drinking Game.



1. Neil Patrick Harris Sings or Dances: NPH. He’s a hero to most anyone who has eyes. He’s funny, charming, good looking and the man can sing! So if we’re lucky, he will grace us with a few musical numbers during the show.

2. Anyone Makes A Meth Reference: The entire country is talking “Breaking Bad.” Water coolers and social media have become war zones of spoiler alerts. We can only assume that the Emmys will be the same way.

3. Peter Dinklage Looks Bored: Master thespian Peter Dinklage will be a staple at the Emmys as long as his character survives on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but last year he always seemed to be looking bored out of his gourd. Maybe it’s because he knows he’ll be enduring the Emmys for years to come. See below for the Tyrion Lannister Shot recipe.

4. There’s a Jon Hamm “Wang Outline” Sighting: Mr. “Mad Men” is known for his lack of wearing anything supportive beneath his pantaloons. If Jon’s ham makes its way to your boob tube, EVERYONE MUST FINISH THEIR DRINK

5. Anyone Makes a Downtown Abbey Jab: Oh BBC, how you bless us with carefully crafted, well-written and incredibly acted programming. So as Americans, we are bound to make fun of it.

6. SNL Cast Member Past/Present: Looking at the list of nominees, you may notice one thing: Lorne Michaels had a big part in launching their careers. The list of “Saturday Night Live” cast members in the nominees group is astounding. ONE DRINK FOR PRESENT MEMBERS, TWO DRINKS FOR ALUMNI.

7. Anyone References Lena Dunham’s Boobs: We love “Girls.” We truly do. But let’s be honest, we have seen Lena’s naked chest-buddies a bit much. We assume she will keep her top on for the Emmys, but you never know. IF SHE’S SPOTTED TOPLESS, EVERYONE MUST FINISH THEIR DRINKS.

8. Ty Burell is On Your TV: “Modern Family” may be the best comedy on television in the past 15 years. It is groundbreaking and has a dream cast that truly pulls the show together. But, man, we cannot love Ty Burrell enough. He is just perfect. See below recipe for a Ty Burrell Shot.

9. Anytime a Cast Member of “Arrested Development” or Louis CK is On Camera: Two of our favorite things of 2013 were the return of “Arrested Development” and the Louis CK: Oh My God HBO Special. “We’ve made a huge mistake…”

10. Anytime You See Anthony Bourdain: Anthony Bourdain is nominated for an Emmy. Let us repeat that. Anthony Bourdain is nominated for an Emmy! Nothing is more Savory than Mr. Bourdain. He drinks, he smokes, he curses and he cooks amazing food. Prove your love with a drink.

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