Skinny Cocktails – The Best Choices For Your Waistline

gold tequila with salt and lime

tequila, lime, soda. nada mas. maybe salt.

Let’s be real with each other here for a minute. We enjoy clean eating. We believe in cooking for ourselves and using as many fresh ingredients as possible. We believe in getting fresh air and moving our bodies to keep them happy and healthy.

We also believe in happy hour, which means we had to learn pretty quickly how to enjoy a few beverages without downing an extra million calories in the process.

Our favorite drink? We call it the fake margarita, and you should really only try it if you truly love the taste of tequila (like we do) because it can get pretty strong.

It consists of three things: tequila, soda water, and a splash of lime juice. Some people call it the skinny margarita, but we’ve found bartenders are heavy handed with the sour mix, and don’t use fresh lime juice if you simply order their version of the low calorie drink. The best way to ensure you get the low calorie, low sugar option is to simply order it by the ingredients in it. “I’ll have a tequila with soda water and a splash of lime juice please.” It always works for us.

Another easy way to cut down your calorie intake is to completely eliminate sugary mixers when possible. Go with a flavored liquor that will keep your beverage tasty without adding in juice or soda. For example, a citrus vodka with soda water and a lime will give you that fruity drink taste without the sugary hangover the next morning.

Also, be careful when drinking those pre-mixed low calorie drinks, as their sugar content may be way higher than you realize. Always check the label before purchasing!

Check out Web Md’s awesome list of low calorie cocktails, with everything from a spiked Arnold Palmer, to low calorie Gin & Tonics!

What low cal or law sugar adult beverages do you enjoy? We need all the help we can get! Tequila recipes preferred! 🙂

Sasha Huff

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