Pinsperation: Remixed Summer Beer Punch

Remixed Summer Beer Punch


PURISTS won’t even wedge a piece of citrus fruit into a well-made beer, and here I am telling you how to mix it into a big ol’ pink cocktail.  But sorry, I’m not sorry– when I came across this recipe for Summer Beer on Pinterest, from the adorable Atalanta-based home and lifestyle blog The Nesting Game, I knew had to give this potent punch a try. TNG’s blogger Molly joked that this ambrosial  beer-based brew is life changing (Or was she serious?!?), and assured her readers, “This somewhat sweet, totally refreshing seasonal beverage gets the party started.”

The main components of putting together this big girl go-go juice are incredibly simple. As told, you’re cracking open a four pack of lite beers. Pour a can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate into a pitcher, then fill that can with vodka and add it to the concoction. Gingerly add the beer on top and mix gently, serve over ice.

But for a unique Summer Beer experience, I decided to swtich up the ingredients. (Remix!) Not one for lite beers, I went with Leinenkugel’s lucscious Lemon Berry Shandy: a Weiss beer (wheat beer) brewed with blackberry juice and natural lemonade flavor. To compliment the fruit-based palate of tangy lemon and lush berries, I subbed in New Amsterdam Peach Vodka instead of plain. Garnish with a slice of citrus or a handful of seasonal berries.

My batch of punch was definitely delicious, succulent but sneaky. It didn’t happen to particularly taste like beer nor a syrupy-sweet cocktail either. I ended up with an indulgent but crisp mix that was as refreshing as promised.

Molly’s easy-to-follow formula definitely lends itself to future experimentation too, and the Nesting Game’s commenters suggested some pretty fantastic sounding variations to build from. To enjoy a muy Margarita-esque juice, I might try one gal’s concoction of Coronas and frozen limeade, but with an orange vodka. Have an idea for a Summer Beer Remix? Share it below and I’ll give it a shot. (I’m very generous that way, willing to get drunk in the name of science.) Cheers! — Casandra Armour

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