Pick and Choose: How to Shop the Farmers Market

farmersmarketThe farmers market is the perfect Sunday activity. Get some walking in, drink some coffee in a quaint little setup, feed yourself quality produce, and save the local farms all at the same time. Doing good deeds is at its easiest when it’s done through personal shopping, right? As fun as all that is we’re willing to bet that when you head out with your eco-friendly bags on Sunday morning, you still have a pile of kale left over from the previous week. Your intentions are good but unless you have major cooking plans for the coming week, there are some items you’re better off grabbing in smaller servings from the grocery store as you need them. For these other items, have at it.


The farmers market will match any supermarket honey selection and multiply it exponentially with crazy flavor combinations like avocado, orange, and eucalyptus, in all its raw, unfiltered, and natural goodness. Show your toast who’s boss. Just check the label to make sure it’s really from a local farm if you want to get the best deal without an unnecessary price markup.


If you love the idea of organic food but aren’t into spending more money on it all the time, stick with the produce where avoiding pesticides makes for a world of difference. Helpful hint: do you eat the part that is exposed to spray…bananas, no. Apples, yes! If you’ve ever not washed one and taken a bitter bite you know what we’re talking about. Apples also don’t go bad as quickly as some other items so, they’ll live a pretty long life in your fruit bowl if you don’t get around to eating them until next week. Plus, they’re often cheaper when they’re locally grown.

Rare Items

You know all those Pinterest recipes you’ve been meaning to try but have been halted by the lack of spaghetti squash or purple carrots at your local grocery store? Here’s your chance. Even if your desire to make sunchoke chips is just for bragging rights, it’s still a worthy desire.


Hands down tomatoes make the biggest taste transformation when they’re grown right. You know that salad you had at that restaurant last week that had pale, mealy, beefsteak tomato slices? Yeah, no. A fresh tomato straight from the farm will rival any of your favorite snacks and it’s vibrancy will shock you.


Because nothing makes a more spooky jack-o-lantern than a natural grown knobby pumpkin monstrosity.

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