It's Actually Easy Being Green

it was a long week.

it was a long week.

Splitting time between Los Angeles, London, and New York means that in any given month I might spend 15,000 miles at 30,000 feet, and spend anywhere from 4-7 days experiencing jetlag. Jet set isn’t as glam as it seems. It goes without saying that the only real consistency in my life is the lack thereof. In a perfect world, each morning would start with a 5 mile run, after a blissful 8 hours of beauty rest. Getting 6-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day would be a slam dunk and I would avoid sugar and alcohol 6 days a week. But that kind of perfection is just unrealistic, not to mention unappealing.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of my mornings actually do start out with a 5 mile run (I’m kind of a exercise nut), and are usually followed by a protein packed green smoothie (recipe below), but today, the last day of fashion week, when I’ve covered more ground than Jay-Z in his heyday (not in quite the same vein of course), a burger and a glass of Beaujolais at Balthazar, win by a landslide compared to the sensible salad and iced tea option.

I’m not one of those girls who claims to eat “whatever I want” – but I don’t diet either. The way I see it, I drink the Kale smoothie in the morning so if I find myself at Bouchon drooling over a Monday night fried chicken special, I don’t skip a beat.  Or when I feel like popping into In n Out, I do it. It’s kind of like Monopoly, you might pass up on buying Atlantic Avenue, because a hotel on Park Place sounds better to you. OK, I’m much better with food analogies, but you get my drift. My life is one big balancing act (thank god for yoga), and with all this practice comes a little bit of knowledge, that I can now share with you.

For early AM’s:

Mean Green Protein Machine

1 frozen banana

2 handfuls of spinach

1 handful of kale (cleaned thoroughly, either Lacinto or Curly)

Almond Milk (or water)

1-2 tablespoons almond butter

2 tablespoons ground flax

Here’s what you do: blend it.

This smoothie will give you 3 of your 8 Fruit/Veggies servings, without even having to think about it. Plus the flax gives you 20% of your daily fiber intake, and the almond butter gives you lots of that good fat that makes your hair and skin supple and smooth. If you can get past the green hue, it’s delicious and good for you too. –China Moss

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