How to Throw a Birthday Brunch for Under $200

Birthday Brunch

brunching and munching for your birthday.

It’s your birthday again and you’ve been mulling over your celebratory options, but this year you’re looking for something a little less ‘in-da-club’, and a little more in-the-living-room.

Well good news!  A birthday brunch is a great alternative.  Boozey popsicles, spiked cupcakes, and other adult beverage filled food items are an easy way to make your home party all the more engaging for the people attending it.

Sometimes being the host can be a bit expensive, so getting clever with your purchases is a must.

A pot luck is one way to go, but there are other ways to save pennies without asking people to contribute main dishes.

Here is a menu breakdown for an awesome Birthday Brunch that will cost you less than $200 out of pocket. This should serve between 10-12 people.

Main Dishes:
Egg Bake
Stuffed French Toast Casserole
Yogurt Parfait Bar

Side Dishes:
Fruit Bowl
Bagels with cream cheese

Bloody Mary Bar
Pre-made mimosas
Coffee bar

The egg bake and french toast casserole are a great way to serve a big group without need to break open your piggy bank come Monday.

To save money on the yogurt parfait bar, buy a large container of yogurt instead of individual packages.  Just make sure you have a pretty bowl to present it in.  Grab a box of granola cereal–not the single bags.  They usually run about the same price but you’ll get a lot more granola for your buck if you go with the box.  Add a bowl of fresh strawberries and blueberries next to the other ingredients and the bar is complete! Make sure to lay out some plastic cups and spoons, and watch while your guests have a blast putting together their perfect parfait!

You can make your own bloody Mary mix, or buy it pre-made, but set up a separate table for drinks so people who are finished eating don’t get in the way of those loading up their plates.

A few bottles of cheap champagne and a gallon of orange juice will get the mimosas flowing. You might suggest that each guest brings a cheap bottle to contribute– most will ask if they can bring something anyway!

In addition, a coffee bar is a no-brainer. Make a pot-o-joe and set out coffee mugs, cream and sugar on a table. Add a plate of individually wrapped tea bags for those who want other options.

Trust us when we tell you that everyone will have an awesome time grubbing down on some delicious breakfast treats.

What items would you add to your brunch party menu? Let us know in the comments.– Sasha Huff

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