Fit For a Khaleesi: Game of Thrones Cocktails

Fit For A Khaleesi: Game of Thrones Cocktail Recipes, Season 3 Soundtrack

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The finale is coming.  And after the pain of last week’s episode [no spoilers here, fear not],  Ian McCombe’s Tumblr of Game of Thrones-inspired cocktail creations is worth its weight in silver. (Though, it’s important to consider that digital destinations have no weight, so perhaps a better value could be assigned.) McCombe’s simple yet delicious-sounding concoctions are a nod to popular characters and houses, such as Dany’s “Where Are My Dragontinis?” or the toast to House Stark’s progeny Robb, “The Young Wolf”. These three Asta-pours feel like a perfect way get in touch with your Wildling side for a finale viewing party or prepare for all of the stressful possibilities the conclusion to the season could present. But check out the full blog of recipes to find your favorite.

“Where Are My Dragontinis?”, from the premiere episode of the third season, “Valar Dohaeris”:

  • 1 oz pureed Dragonfruit
  • 1.5oz Vodka
  • 3 oz Cranberry juice
  • 1.5 oz Sprite

Shake and serve

“The Kingslayer”, from week four, whose episode was called “”And Now His Watch Is Ended”:

  • 2 oz Goldschlagger
  • 6 oz Ginger Ale
  • Splash of Grenadine for colour

Garnish with a cherry or two skewered on cocktail sword and sprinkle of gold flakes

“The Young Wolf”,  from week nine’s episode, “The Rains of Castamere”:

  • 4oz Mountain Dew White Out
  • 1oz Lemon Juice
  • 1.5oz Vodka
  • 1.5oz Pama Pomegranate Liqueur

Mix the White Out, lemon juice and vodka.
Slowly pour over the Pama liqueur to layer.

To complement your beverages in pre or post viewing mode, turn to Rdio for an early sneak peek of the Season Three soundtrack, available nearly a month early before its official release on July 9. Created by Grammy®-nominated composer Ramin Djawadi, the album lets fans experience three distinct takes on the iconic Game of Thrones theme, including two previously unreleased variations. “Dark Wings, Dark Words” is a chilling downtempo choir version of the show’s taut title sequence, while “For The Realm” uses a solo guitar and is performed by Djawadi himself.  Indie darlings The Hold Steady also offer a rowdy rendition of “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, while the show’s own young star Kerry Ingram, who plays Shireen Baratheon,  contributes the sweet but stark (ha) “It’s Always Summer Under the Sea.” What’s your GoT season finale viewing strategy?  Casandra Armour


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