Easy Drink Mixes Make Specialty Cocktails



Specialty cocktails are called “specialty” for a reason. These aren’t your average vodka sodas. And no adding a lime twist doesn’t upgrade its status but it will make everything more fun. A specialty cocktail is a little more unique, more adventurous, and of course a little more complicated. You might not be a mixologist studying the process for your professional drink art, but you can still impress your friends with your bartending skills. Whip up these delights that look and taste involved but only require a few easy to come by ingredients.

With Your Champagne 

To rev up this celebration staple try adding fresh fruits or other types of alcohol

-Let chunks of pear sink to the bottom of the champagne glass and add a dash of cinnamon

-Do a real quick muddle with some fresh raspberries and mint

-Make it rich with a bit of scotch and maple syrup

-Mix up your regular OJ mimosa by using one part lemonade

-Add a splash of pomegranate juice (and some seeds if you’re feeling festive)

-Just add Midori

With Your Vodka

Put away the diet soda and the tonic. These grown up mixes can all be made full force or the juices can be diluted with soda water for the diet friendly in the bunch.

-Mix vodka with a bit of apple juice and maple syrup to make an easy cider-esque brew

-Make things punchy with a grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice mixture

-Trick yourself out of a hangover with a drink mixture of hydrating coconut water and some cucumber slices

-Any kind of brewed tea can be steeped with vodka and chilled with a little added honey

-Make a simple Moscow mule with ginger beer and a wedge of lime

With Your Tequila

-Grapefruit juice, soda water, and lime

-Lemonade and any sort of fresh fruit

-Substitute tequila for vodka in a new tasting Bloody Mary

-Beer margaritas! Just use beer as the base with your lime mix. (Are we blowing your mind?)

With Your Whiskey

We might only have one suggestion for your whiskey drinkers but it’s a fun one.

-Mix with red wine

And last but not least: vodka in the champagne. Add a little lemon juice and sugar. Don’t you love being an adult?

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