Clever Coffee Recipes You Can Make At Home

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Since going freelance last year, my budget has had to change a bit. (By a bit I mean a lot.) You see, when you no longer have a steady flow of income, your priorities tend to change. You no longer go shopping on a whim, and those monthly manicures? Yeah, you are doing them at home. But one of the biggest changes has been making my morning coffee at home.

My daily coffee runs were something that brought me great pleasure. I realize that spending $3-$4 a day was a large waste of money, but it was a small price to pay for the ritual that came along with it. Seeing the smiling faces of the employees that knew my order made my mornings a bit more enjoyable.

Well those days are over, except on the occasional weekend when treat myself to a favorite caffeinated beverage. But don’t start feeling sorry for me quite yet because a new dream has found it’s way into my life: homemade coffee drinks!

As a lover of food and cooking, adding a little DIY coffee bar to my home is bringing me a new bit of happiness that I didn’t think could come from a cup of Joe!

Here are some delightful recipes you can try the next time you are kicking yourself for overspending on coffee:

Peppermint Vanilla Iced Coffee

Frozen Caramel

Mexican Coffee

Chocolate Chip Mocha

S’Mores Latte

We usually stick to an old fashioned iced latte, but these drinks are awesome for a weekend brunch at home. Do you have any coffee drink recipes to share? Link them in the comments! We need to add to our recipe arsenal!

-Sasha Huff

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