Cauliflower Pizza Crust And Why You Should Try It


doesn’t look like crudité, does it?

Pizza is a major weakness of mine. If given the opportunity, and (big) if I didn’t have to worry about how it affected my insides and subsequent outsides, I would probably eat it for every meal. Something about cheesy goodness… I can’t resist.

As I continue to beat you over the head with the topic of “this instead of that” I thought it would be great to add in a favorite of mine that I needed to find an alternative for. Turns out, you can’t eat pizza a few times a week without adding on the pounds, and it seems that other people on the internet are struggling with this same dilemma.

Good thing for all of us, the healthy conscious world of the interweb is very vocal about alternatives, and they have been cooking up a storm!

I am much better at following and alternating recipes then I am at coming up with new dishes myself (although sometimes I get it right with bacon, feta kale), I’m going to give you some of my favorite recipes for delicious cauliflower pizza.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tomato & Cheese

Pizza Bites

You could also make the Tomato & Cheese, but add whatever additional veggies or meat toppings you’d like.

So why cauliflower, and does it REALLY taste anywhere near as good as pizza? Well, it’s lower carb, lower calorie, and it adds another serving of veggies to your meal. As far as taste goes, it truly is delicious and doesn’t taste like you are eating a veggie base. When done right, the crust crisps up nicely, and all those other pizza toppings combine with it to tame that craving deep inside. It may take a few tries to get it right, but don’t give up!

Are we giving up real pizza forever? Absolutely not. But  having a healthy alternative in our back pocket is what we hope will keep us healthier in the long run!

-Sasha Huff

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