What a Gem: Nik Stone’s Premiere Jewelry Collection


ACTRESS JELENA NIK has added a new special skill to her resume: high-end jewelry designer. Despite her success appearing on some small show that no one’s ever heard of — Modern Family — among other notable acting credits to her name, Nik is no one-trick pony. She’s indulged her other creative passion by creating her first industrial jewelry collection for her line Nik Stone. Nik Stone was inspired by the time she spent assisting her civil engineer father, Nik, by helping him with projectd and building things with tools. The influence is obvious in her pieces like the Nailed It Ring and the Hammered Bracelet. Though the jewelry may be heavy, each piece has at least one signature black diamond to lighten it up. Tools may be man’s best friend but diamonds are a girl’s BFF and Nik Stone combines the two flawlessly.

What inspired you to create Nik Stone?

I started designing jewelry for myself and after receiving many compliments and requests, I realized that I was on to something. It inspired me to create an entire collection and Nik Stone was born.

How would you describe yourself as a designer?

I would describe myself as innovative and edgy. The late Alexander McQueen’s work has a huge influence on me!

How do you balance your creative and design duties with the business side of your company? Does one side tend to overtake the other?

My creative and business side are well-balanced, although the creative side tends to take over at times. Once I feel the business part is lacking, I run to my mama (who owns a multi-million dollar company) to ask for advice.

Have you found it difficult to balance your personal and professional life?

As a Libra, I am able to balance the two quite well. Unless Mercury is in retrograde that is.


Is Nik Stone your first entrepreneurial endeavor?

Nik Stone is my first entrepreneurial endeavor and I am enjoying every minute of it, even when I’m stressed!

What has been your biggest challenge starting and running Nik Stone?

The biggest challenge has been finding reliable suppliers and jewelers. Once I overcame that issue, things have been running rather smoothly.

What has been Nik Stone’s biggest success to date?

The biggest achievement is that Nik Stone has received recognition not only domestically but also abroad in its infancy stages. My collection is currently in stores in London, which is surreal!

What are your goals and dreams for Nik Stone?

My goal for Nik Stone is to become a recognized brand worldwide, eventually joining the ranks of my favorite brand, Alexander McQueen.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had been given as a woman starting her own business?

Patience! I wish someone would have told me not to expect everyone to work at my pace.

What is one piece of advice you would give to women starting their own business?

One piece of advice I would give to women starting their own business is this: Never make assumptions, triple-check everything! ALWAYS.


You can check out and purchase the entire Nik Stone collection at nikstone.com and keep up with the newest Nik Stone pieces by following @NikStoneLA on Twitter and Instagram.

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