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love to love.

love to love.

‘Tis the season for summer weddings, and boy, do the fetes stack up. Amid all the gift-buying for the assembly line of bridal showers and lingerie parties, there’s still the question of what to wear on the day of your friend’s wedding.

Finding the right summer wedding dress can be a fussy ordeal. You probably shouldn’t show too much cleavage, or wear a super-short mini dress around all those aunties and uncles and in-laws. And your dress definitely can’t one-up the bride’s wedding gown.

But what’s a twenty-something young woman supposed to wear to a summer wedding without falling victim to sweaty armpits or overexposure? Here are some ideas to play up an outfit you can wear again. These versatile options allow you to quickly change the dress to be more appropriate for work or a night out. For example, go more conservative with by throwing on a blazer or amp up the vamp appeal with some sky-high stilettos.

High-low hems: Swingy high-low hems and edgy asymmetrical hems frame your legs. A flowy skirt of a high-low dress offers fairytale elegance without looking like you’re copying the long train of the bridal gown.
Asymmetrical hems are another way to add edgy flair to your outfit without going overboard. Look for a dress with a slanted hem and a simple shape to keep the look sophisticated.

Sheath dresses: Experiment with wearing sheath dresses, which won’t fly up when a gust of wind blows. These form-fitted dresses mold to your body through a well-tailored cut and are usually sleeveless, with wide, modest shoulder straps. Because the shape is so simple, don’t be afraid to try a more daring pattern or color, or even a dress with a peplum. Pick a bright hue that will pop in photos.

Maxi dress: Try wearing a strapless maxi dress on a hot summer day. The empire waist flatters your bust, and the airy, long skirt will keep you cool. Wear a simple strand necklace to accentuate your exposed collarbones and shoulders. Another big plus: You won’t have to worry about showing too much leg.

Wedges: For weddings that take place on a lot of grass, wear a pair of tall wedges to keep from sinking into the earth. Platform wedges will give you the same height as a pair of high heels, and because they have less of an arch in the sole, they’ll keep you comfortable for a night of dancing.

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