Wearable Technology: Fashion of the Future?


the original google glasses.

Wearable technology is definitely on the rise, with everything from health-tracking wristbands and watches to Google Glasses, but it doesn’t stop there. The Wearable Tech Fashion Show (which looks like something straight out of Project Runway) recently took place in Manhattan, New York and brought together the creations of various fashion designers and tech experts, debuting them to hundreds of eager and enthusiastic guests. Here are a few of the highlights from the show – would you wear any of these?

Custom Clothes – Forget having to get an item tailored. Acustom Apparel, a startup with a retail store in Manhattan, uses a 3-D body scanner that customizes clothes that will fit your body’s precise measurements. They offer everything from jeans to jackets to shirts, and promise to give customers a better fit.

LED Umbrellas –  Inspired by the movie Blade Runner, the FLORAbrella uses 144 LED’s that display three different color patterns. Created by Geisha Teku, the company has a color sensor system in all of their products, and they claim that the LED lights will match to the outfit that one is wearing.

Bluetooth Purse – You’ll never have to worry about losing your purse again (thieves, beware.) Launched by Asher Levine, the company merges together science, technology and fashion with the Grenade Bag, which sounds an awful lot like a product that was inspired by the cast members of The Jersey Shore. The bag combines neoprene with Bluetooth technology, linking it to the owner’s smartphone, enabling them to track their bag at all times so the bag never goes missing.

Laser Nails – This sounds like something that the residents of The Capitol would have donned in The Hunger Games or perhaps in The Fifth Element. Founded by The Laser Girls, this company offers a line of 3-D printed nails and is inspired by fashion prints, science fiction, robots and geometry.

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