Waste Not, Want Not: The Best Sites to Resell Clothes

empty it out.

empty it out.

Okay, so while spring isn’t exactly around the corner yet (although I like to think it is), it doesn’t hurt to get a headstart on spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning means different things to different people: to some it means rusty lawnmowers, garages filled with spiders and lots of Windex. To others (myself included), it basically entails going through my entire closet and deciding what clothing to get rid of.

Now it’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. First there’s the emotional aspect. We have a tendency to get attached to certain items, especially if they have held a spot in our lives (and closet) for a long time. There’s that dress you still haven’t worn yet because you’re waiting for the perfect moment to wear it (still waiting on that moment to come), and there’s that cute crop top that doesn’t quite fit but when you lose just a few more pounds you’re going to wear it every weekend (promise!) I personally look forward to spring-cleaning my closet because getting rid of clothes means that I’ll have more space in my closet…for additional clothes. Oh, the irony of it.

I’m definitely an advocate for donating items to charity and the Goodwill for a tax write-off, but what about when you have really name-brand clothes and designer bags? Some of that stuff is just too nice to give away for free, unless of course, you’re Oprah. Here are some of the best websites for reselling clothes (and if you’re feeling extra generous, you can even donate a portion of your proceeds to charity!)

Twice – Think eBay but with a NastyGal format. Designed to look more like an actual online e-boutique as opposed to an online trade forum, all clothes sold on this site are “lightly used.” Meaning? They’re practically new, sans tags. And they’re all from fun designers like Zara and stores such as Urban Outfitters, so you’re not getting someone’s Old Navy discards. Here’s how it works: you send in your clothes (they’ll provide a shipping label) and they measure and photograph all your items. There is also a calculator on the site that gives you an idea what to expect for each type of item and brand. Be careful though – the appealing setup of their site will give you reason to linger…and you may end up coming away with more clothing in the end.

 SnobSwap – This website offers you the option of selling or swapping your used goods with others. All you have to do is photograph the items you are getting rid of, then either list them as you would on eBay or you can send them in and sign up for their Closet Concierge service, which lists and sells the items for you. See an item that was posted by someone that tickles your fancy? You can make an offer on the item for cash, or you can propose a trade – if the other person agrees, you’ve got a deal!

Copious – Not confined to just clothing, you can post anything you want here – even a car! Unlike the other websites, this one is limited to your close circle of friends. Basically what you do is take pictures of the items you no longer want, then invite your friends via text to check them out. Then if they’re interested, they can reach out to you and let you know if they want the item. There is more of a generosity factor here, so unless your friends have items they want to give to you in exchange, be prepared to have a lot more space in your life after you unload a lot of stuff.

Project Repat: As mentioned before, there are certain items that you just cannot bear to part with under any circumstances. This company has you send in the item(s) that you don’t want to sell but never use, and they turn them into a blanket that will actually serve a purpose around your house! Talk about a smart idea for repurposing items!

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