Trending Now: Hashtags on Magazine Covers

First it was Vogue with its controversial cover of Kimye. There’s a hashtag on the cover of Vogue, the Internet exploded! #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE.

Now Jalouse, with a lesser known but still controversial cover model– 13-year-old Thylane Blondeau, has one too. #BORNIN2011. Thylane sent parents everywhere into a tizzy when at 10 she was featured in rather adult fashion spread in Paris Vogue. Everyone had an opinion about the proliferation of hyper-sexualized images of young girls and the messages the magazine was sending. (And then in 2012 we made Honey Boo Boo and her belly button a cultural icon.) Touted as the next Kate Moss, and looking much like a young Barbara Palvin (who, yes, is also still young), Thylane certainly has a long career ahead of her and plenty of persnickety people to offend in the process.


And while we think both ladies look lovely, and age appropriate, we could do away with the Twitter talk.

Maybe hashtags will only accompany tendentious covers. Maybe they’ll just go away all together. Maybe we’re just so confused that someone born after Y2K is on the cover of a magazine. Wasn’t the world supposed to end? When did we get this old? #BOTOXFORBREAKFAST?

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