Totally Tasteless Instagramming

We are all for a good reference and a good lipstick, but we definitely choked on our Monday morning muffin when we caught the most recent photo released on The Coveteur’s Instagramcaption

The novel, Sophie’s Choice, published in 1979 (and later made into a movie starring everyone’s favorite Meryl) is a rather tragic tale.  In the novel, Sophie is forced to choose between her two children upon arrival at a Nazi concentration camp. Sophie chooses her son over her daughter, but is plagued by grief, depression, continually questions her integrity, and she eventually commits suicide.

While the cultural impact of Styron’s novel gave rise to the expression “making a ‘Sophie’s Choice,'” we’re not so sure that keeping one lipstick and losing the other forever is analogous. In fact, we’re going to say it’s not at all.

Tasteless Instgramming is nothing new, and we can chalk part of this faux pas up to the need to turn out content faster than thought, but at the time we’re hitting publish, 517 people have “liked” the photo. Not such a good choice.  Consider this The Coveteur’s foot in Mac-lipsticked mouth.

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