Top 3 Stylish Tech Accessories

blooming awesome.

blooming awesome.

Working on the go means constantly packing and unpacking a fragile laptop. In the olden days, the only options were bulky laptop bags. Now that computers are slimmer than ever, accessories for laptops and other mobile gadgets have become, thankfully, more stylish. All the chic, tech-savvy working ladies out there won’t be embarrassed to tote these around.

Laptop sleeves: Wrap your laptop in a cozy little sleeve. Red Maloo makes leather and felt sleeves that fold like a second skin on a MacBook. They also unfold into a flat workspace with an integrated mousepad, so you can set up shop anywhere and still work comfortably. Red Maloo also makes sleeves for iPhones and bags to tuck in those long power cords. Looking for something with a bolder pattern? Try Portland-based Sea Echo’s version of the laptop sleeve. Made from Pendleton wool, the sleeve features geometric Native American-inspired designs and a little tassel. Easily transition from day to night with one of these sleeves.

Sound amplifiers: Amp up the volume on your iPhone with the ultra-chic Bloombox, which raised more than $7,000 during its Kickstarter campaign. The open cube, which comes in black or white, doubles as a planter box. Showcase arid plants in the hollowed out space. The simple shape of the docking station accommodates any model of iPhone. It’s great for playing music at home — and small enough to fit on your desk at work.

Sound mufflers: Tune out noisy distractions with a pair of stylish headphones, such as these leather “Taylor” headphones with rose-gold accents. Rock out to your favorite music at coffee shops – you’ll make everyone else wish they were wearing them too.

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