The Dirt on The Desert Boot

photo by Free People

photo by Free People

Current weather might not be conspiring in your favor, but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe must follow suit. Replace your wellies with the desert boot. They’re sturdy yet soft and above all, they go with everything! The military inspired trend of last year hasn’t lost steam and will surely carry through the warmer months of 2013. Get a handle on it now and effortlessly transition your dessert boot from one season to the next.

Channel your inner hipster and step into the wild with animal print skinnies, aviators, and the ever-reigning army jacket. Pair this look with a vintage version of the desert boot: suede, fringed, and moccasin-inspired.

Stay classic with the original desert boot ala Clarks, circa 1950. A flirty floral skirt or tights worn under cutoffs will look effortless and unexpected when combined with the original rubber sole. Experiment with the utilitarian trend and get ready to report for duty.

Skip the fuss, but keep the style with desert boot wedges. Layer a wide-neck, slouchy sweater with your favorite skinny jeans and top with a chunky infinity scarf. Your look will be cozy and on trend. Eat your heart out Indiana Jones.

For the fashion risk-taker, go for a desert boot with some height. Think sexy construction boot atop a stacked stiletto heel. The key to this style is to avoid looking like a New Jersey housewife by steering clear of the mini skirt and leopard leggings. Instead, opt for thick, cable-knit thigh-highs or opaque tights and a girly tunic. –Laina Miller

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