The Best Way to Rock an Umbrella This Fall

London Fashion Week s/s 2014 - Celebrity Sightings - Somerset House Featuring: Laura Whitmore Where: London, United Kingdom When: 17 Sep 2013 Credit:

just stylin’ in the rain.

Umbrellas are tricky fashion accessories and present somewhat of a conundrum once it starts to pour. There’s the hassle of having to open it up – but not inside. Then there’s the slight embarrassment of having it get stuck halfway while you’re trying to push the lever. And then, once you safely arrive to the intended restaurant or shopping center, there’s the annoying problem of having to close it and hold a sopping thing in your cold, wet hands. It’s just a mess.

But there’s a way to rock an umbrella as a fashion accessory this fall, so you can stride boldly into the weather without getting your hair wet.

Long or Short

Long umbrellas, the ones that are tall enough so you can rest your arm on them while standing, are a trusty fashion statement. The curved wood piece on the end can be quite beautiful. Short, handy dandy umbrellas fit inside a purse and often come with their own sleeve.

In England, gentleman  We find this a good tip.

Serious Black or Whimsical

Black is serious, and it seems just about everyone in the world whips out a boring, safe, black umbrella as soon as the rain comes. Other dark colors can be quite elegant if you pair it with an umbrella that has a handle. Try a different hue, such as midnight blue or eggplant purple. Or, to hell with conformity, and go for a crazy bright pattern. Polka dots, stripes, floral patterns, transparent plastic, neon colors, animal shapes. Umbrellas come in nearly every print you can think of. Break out of the mold and try broadcasting a bolder version of you.

Take a page from Laura Whitmore (above) during this past London Fashion Week SS 14 and go bold with candy stripes. Bonus: Match your lipstick to  your umbrella for ultimate coordination.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Pay attention to your surroundings when you open your umbrella. Like crossing the street, look left, then right, and then deploy.

Don’t: Equate holding an umbrella to driving a bus. Just because you might be the biggest on the street, doesn’t mean you should be charging without regard. You’re occupying a lot more physical space. Take note and carry on.

Do: Shake it out before you go inside

Don’t: Shake it out on a hostess

Do: Carry longer brolly’s by the middle with the handle pointing forward, thus avoiding potential hazards of the ferrule (the umbrella’s tip).

Don’t: Use the ferrule as a weapon, save for extreme emergencies.

Do: Take a lesson from Bjork and learn the dance of the umbrella. This means, if you’re a taller person, raise your umbrella a bit when passing a shorter person and vice versa. Help prevent run-ins.

Don’t: Use your umbrella as a prop. They aren’t meant to be leaned upon.

Do or Don’t: Sing in the rain. Totally optional.

Do you have a favorite go-to umbrella? What do you rely on during the rainy seasons?

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