The Art of Ombré

Originating from the french “ombrer” which means to shade, it’s known more now for the celebrity-induced craze for dip-dyed hair than its effect on light and color. Whether your a fan or not, you can be sure that this trend will last through the upcoming seasons. Neutral Ombre by miller-laina featuring long necklaces

The look has been donned on catwalks and red carpets alike, but I’m partial to an updated, independent approach. Instead of going head-to-toe gradient in a bright evening gown, why not opt for unique and neutral separates? Use the ombré effect as an accent piece to your relaxed look. At this point in the shading game, it’s important for this element of style to be the unexpected pop in an outfit rather than the main focal point. Follow these five style-saving tips and stay on the lighter side of the gradient trend:

  1. Stick to a neutral color palette. Your look will stay sophisticated and clean.
  2. The layering shades of color should gradually drift  from one hue to the next, never completely changing color families.
  3. Pay attention to how the gradient follows the lines of your shape. Believe it or not, the wrong placement of shading can add on pounds that don’t actually exist!
  4. Remember to use the ombré effect as an accessory. A heather gray tee with a gradient to boot can be the surprising twist to a casual outfit.
  5. Lastly, take command of your style and make it your own… and please, for all it’s worth, enough with the ombré hair!–Laina Miller

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