Get Her Look: Karolina Kurkova

Last week at New York Fashion Week, Karolina rocked a Michael Kors striped jumpsuit from the S/S 13 Collection.


Even if you can’t find the perfect off-the-runway jumpsuit, you still have options at your disposal. Add accessories and you’re good to go.

1. Match a top and bottom.

Zara Striped Shirt. $59.90.

chic jail bait.

Zara Printed Stripe Trouser. $49.90.  Zara Striped Shirt with Pockets. $59.90.

2. Mix and match from different collections/stores.

not perfect, but it works.

not perfect, but it works.

J. Crew Foulard Dot Pant. $375.  Juicy Flirty Pin Dot Top. $118.00

3. Get a little crazy with it.


they might not technically match, but score cred for making it work.

TOPSHOP Floral Jacquard Trouser. $100. TOPSHOP Sleeveless Floral Print Shell Top. $56.00

4. When in doubt, go for the jumpsuit.

all-in-one makes life easy.

all-in-one makes life easy.

Asos Religion Nature Jumpsuit Jewel Print. $105.24

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