Summer and Fall Lookbook Inspiration

LF Stores summer sizzle.

LF Stores summer sizzle.

There comes a moment in every lady’s life when you, like, seriously don’t know what to wear. A dozen wardrobe changes and huffy self-critiques later, you wonder why your clothes are always the same stale ol’ stuff. We’ve been there.

Fret not, friends. We’ve happily harvested the latest fashion lookbooks from the freshest indie boutiques on the West Coast. And boy, were we salivating over some of these threads.  Here’s to a new spark of life to your daily outfits. Ogle away, friends.

LF Stores: Loud and Flirty

First up is LF Stores, which has locations on South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, Soho in New York and other hot spots around the country. Check out their lookbook Summer Sizzle, a mélange of bright prints paired with black tops and bottoms, highlighted by a yellow accent bag. Totally in love with the smart, flirty cuts, such as the black halter and hot pants. This blue diamond pattern is adorable, giving the old jumpsuit a modern update. We also couldn’t take our eyes off of this French Riviera-worthy two-piece outfit. The crisscross bra top matches the black filigree skirt, which has the best part: pockets.

Chaiken: Sleek and Tailored

Next, we head to Chaiken, which is headquartered in San Francisco but has a Los Angeles showroom. Chaiken offers city-sleek minimalism in its fall lookbook, banking on sharply tailored pieces such as a menswear-inspired pinstripe cropped pant and two-toned leggings. But the winners for us were the oxblood basics: a deep maroon zipped miniskirt, a sweater with zips on the sides and oxblood-tipped pumps.

Black Scale: Dark and Gothic

Another San Francisco men’s label, Black Scale, merges dark themes of death, religion, government and identity. Rumblings of Black Scale have been making the rounds on a few blogs. Jay-Z was even spotted wearing the brand during the label’s first season. And in June, Black Scale launched a pop up shop in Seattle skate shop Alive & Well. The artistic concept behind the fall lookbook is artfully gothic, with images of a model seemingly levitating.

Benny Gold: Laid-back Streetwear

Steering deep into the city streets of San Francisco, we came across up-and-comer Benny Gold’s lookbook of streetwear for men. He doesn’t sell women’s clothing. But his laid-back Californian vibes might earn you some kudos with your guy friends, such as this navy button-up with a tiny sailboat print.


Revolver, based in the Lower Haight district of San Francisco, also sports that nonchalant look of casual cool. The aesthetic of Revolver’s summer lookbook features long shadows and stiff models. A pair of Paul & Joe Sister women’s floral pants and top strikes a bold statement, and an American Vintage top shows effortless ease.


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