Spring Chic: Trends You Need to Know Now

All white errythang.

All white errythang.

I know it was tempting to renounce all things fashion-related when Kimye graced the cover of Vogue. A few weeks have gone by and it’s time to hop back on that fashion bandwagon. Spring has officially sprung but you don’t wanna be getting that sprung side-eye for your clothing choices. Celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese is here to help us spruce up our style for spring. Her philosophy on fashion is that it should be approachable and affordable. Can we get an amen on that? With a star-studded client list including the likes of Kathy Griffin, Sarah Hyland, and Pretty Little Liars’ Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell, Albanese definitely knows what she’s doing when it comes to dressing people. If you follow her advice, you’ll end up on the best dressed list – even if it’s only in your head.

1) White On White (see above) – “Always crisp, clean and chic! This is flattering on most figures if you pair structured or tailored pieces into one look. Think skinny white jeans, a button-up blouse and a lightweight blazer for summer. And no, the whites don’t have to match!! Try all white for evening too! In a sea of black dresses you will be the one getting all the compliments! It gives the same impact as a bold color does.”

2) Fringe and Pom-Pom Trims- “They add a playful, free spirited touch to your summer ensemble. This is a trend you just go for.”


3) Pastels– “They aren’t just for kids anymore! Frothy pastels are more refined and sophisticated than ever. Try an all-over pastel look in one hue but pair with slightly different shades, even textures. Wearing an all-over tonal color will create an uninterrupted straight line down your figure, which is ultimately slimming. Pale pink, peach, mint, and blue are a few of my of-the-moment favorites.”


4) Sheer- “I’m a huge fan (and wearer) of sheer because it gives you the opportunity to show a little more skin than you normally would without feeling fully exposed. Try pieces with strategically-placed sheer to show off a part of your figure that you would normally conceal. Sheer paneling and cut-outs add impact and interest to an outfit because of the variation of textures. It creates depth and gives off a bit of a seductive sensibility.”


You can follow all of Lindsay’s style advice at Lindsayalbanese.com.

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