Spring 2013: Fashion To Look Forward To

springing forward, one piece at at time.

springing forward, one piece at at time.

The winter blues are almost over, and we’ve already seen some great style for Spring. So why not take a moment to day dream about the gorgeous things we will be wearing when the flowers are blooming, and we can start wearing shorts again.

The wonderful thing about getting ahead is that you can spend the time shopping the cheaper outlets before the mad rush begins.

Here are a few staples to get your Spring 2013 wardrobe started:

1) Bermuda shorts. Alright, we know what you are thinking: my nana wore bermuda shorts, good luck catching me in them. But before you completely shrug off this incoming trend, give it a chance by cutting up an old pair of jeans to be knee length shorts and see what happens.

2) Stripes. We know, stripes never really went OUT of season, but they were seen a lot on the runway for Spring and this is something you can find on any budget.

3) Sheer pieces. Do not turn away from this trend, ladies! There are so many awesome options, and you don’t need to wear them with a lace bra underneath (unless you want to, and then we say go for it!) but opt pairing it with a solid colored-cami for a more conservative look.

4) Black & White combo. Sure, it’s Spring, and that gives us an excuse to wear our favorite pastels, but this season it’s also all about black and white.

5) Ruffles. Yup! You read it right, over-sized ruffles were seen allll over the runway this season, and while not all of us can pull off a huge ruffled collar, it’s worth a shot. Or if you want to just add a purse with some ruffles.

Have fun with your spring fashion, and if the trend doesn’t work for you, do whatever feels comfortable. It’s your style, so you do you.

-Sasha Huff

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