Renting Designer: An Intro to Online Clothing Rental

Clothing Rental

step and repeat in a rental.

Every girl dreams of wearing a gorgeous designer gown. Whether we’re day dreaming about walking the red carpet at The Met Ball (Cinderella style!), or having a magical evening at an all-imporant Gala, getting dressed up is something we love, whether we admit it or not.

Unfortunately for the majority of us ladies wearing a Badgley Mischka or Versace piece isn’t in the cards. Rewind. It wasn’t in the cards until the internet came about (thanks Al Gore, we owe you one) and the idea of renting clothes became a reality.

If you haven’t heard about this yet, we’re more than happy to fill you in.

The first time we heard about clothing rental was when one of our friend’s was set to attend an event in Los Angeles, and needed an awesome gown. She told us about Rent The Runway, and that she rented a Versace gown that retailed for nearly $2000, for 250 bucks. We swooned.

Could she have purchased a really pretty, perfectly acceptable gown for $250? Sure. But she isn’t the type of girl to wear the same gown twice and the fun of saying she was wearing Versace out weighed the out of pocket expense.

We realized that clothing rental was becoming even more popular when another friend of ours got a compliment on her designer bag, and she responded with, “I rented it! I’ve got it for the month.” I had to do a double take because I’d never heard of renting purses before.

Luck be a lady in a rented purse, as there is yet another fashion rental company called Bag Borrow or Steal. You pay a monthly fee, and you borrow designer handbags the likes of Chanel, Louis Vouitton, Gucci, Prada, Alexander McQueen…the list goes on. Take it for a month, or 6, the choice is yours and the rental fees range from $40 per month to over $400.

Rental companies are popping up all over the place now, lending out everything from accessories, to shoes, and even wedding dresses if you’re interested.

Some may say it’s a total waste of money, but if you’re into designer and you can’t afford it, who cares what those people say. You worked hard for that money, spend it on whatever makes you happy. –Sasha Huff

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