One Shoe, Two Ways


Everyone has been so caught up with sis Cara, that Poppy’s been flying under the radar. Well, at least to some. To others she’s still sitting front row at every show or dinner in London and New York. But the British belle’s style, a trove of threads we’d die to dig through, is proof that sophistication never goes out of fashion. Plus, she may have grown up inside a Belgravia mansion, but Poppy doesn’t feel compelled to only wear something once, and that is a style tip that jumps from pond to pond.

Poppy has spiced up many an outfit with her Givenchy Vittorias Heel in Glitter Pale Gold (the above photos are just two examples, but there are many more).

She takes the heel from boho-sophisticated-milk-maid to urban-luxury-bad-gal; that’s fashion versatility talent, and testament that just because a surface is covered in glitter doesn’t mean it only works for NYE.


Check out our alternative to the above Givenchy, adding a bit of splash to daytime. The chunkier heel makes the day-to-night, outfit-to-outfit transition much easier.

Or you can really go for it with a pair of Laurence Dacade gold glitter ankle-boots.


Finally, pop over to Madewell and slip into their highly-walkable Frankie Pump.

The Frankie Pump in Glitter

— Arianna Schioldager

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