Natural Accessories: Our Favorite Etsy Geode Jewelry

Amethyst druse

Ever since we were a little girl, we’ve loved geodes
. It may be the fact that when we were younger, we thought that every rock we saw could be broken apart and would look like a geode inside. Fun fact: that is not the case. What is the case, however, is that geode jewelry is a big hit everywhere.

Here are some of our favorites from Etsy, practically a geode jewelry warehouse.

Midnight Geode Necklace – We love that this isn’t just a geode slice, but rather, the entire half of a geode rock!

Pink Agate Geode Necklace – The perfect natural splash of color!

Hoop Geode Earrings – These are simply stunning. They would look beautiful with a maxi dress, or a little beige date night ensemble.

Gold Druzy Agate Earrings – We love that these are studs! A great take on the geode earring trend.

Blue Geode Ring – This piece is incredible. We love that the stone is surrounded by the sterling silver.

Gold Titanium Geode Ring – The colors on this stone are beyond fabulous. We would pair it with skinny jeans, a black tank top and some heels.

Geode 14k Gold Bracelet – We love how dainty the cuff  is on this. This piece is pretty much perfect.

Navy Blue Geode Cuff – A different take on the cuff bracelet.

Bringing natural elements into our wardrobe is a must. Whether its dainty and cute, or big and bold, the geode is a must have in your collection. Are you into the geode craze right now? What pieces do you already own?

-Sasha Huff

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