Designer Lauren Moshi Takes on Comic Book Capsule Collection

Lauren Moshi Takes On Comic Book Capsule Fashion

we can be heroes.

Comic book culture has turned another page. This time (thankfully), the medium is straying further away from the long-standing stereotype of comics as a geeky guy-centric interest and ending up where all art forms inevitably venture, into fashion.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has tapped fashion designer and artist Lauren Moshi to bring the characters Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Supergirl to clothing, Woman’s Wear Daily reported.  “These iconic characters are part of my childhood and the Lauren Moshi customer can really relate to them,” said Moshi.

“These iconic characters are part of my childhood and the Lauren Moshi customer can really relate to them,” ~Lauren Moshi.

“Based on their love of the finer things in life, brother and sister team, Michael and Lauren have created their own standout clothing company, Lauren Moshi,” the brand’s website enthuses. “Michael and Lauren are inspired by high fashion and fine art. Lauren Moshi creates unique pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities. Every mark, every line on every piece is hand drawn by Lauren. Each garment is an original piece of artwork. The clothing is targeted towards customers who appreciate the finer details and intricate designs.”

Michael and Lauren utilize fine fabrics for maximum comfort, and adorn them with “with art of everything from bunny girl, peace daisy, rottweiler, diamond lips, tiger face, peacock, peace sign, aztec deer, herringbone bow, camillia, nyla, lips,” according to their site.

Lauren Moshi’s character-specific capsule collections will each encompass 30 to 35 pieces and are set to roll out one at a time, over a period of six months. The first collection, revolving around the Warner Bros.’s beloved Looney Toons star Tweety will start hitting the shelves soon. Superman will round out the series as the final character, and The Man of Steel is expected to hit shelves by February.

The collections will feature silk-screened T-shirts, dresses, tote bags and more priced from $98 to $202, available at,, Lester’s, Singer22, and the Lauren Moshi flagship on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. — Casandra Armour

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