Kiss Me Kate: My Neverending Obsession with Miss Moss

supreme being.

supreme being.

I’m an adult and I can’t get over my admiration…err…obsession with Kate Moss.  What is it about the thirty-nine-year old British beauty that makes me want to be her best friend, or skin her and wear her like last year’s Versace?  She’s the epitome of chic, cool, calm, and collected. Yes I left the other “C” word out, cocaine, but that’s just a minor blip in the Moss microcosm.  So why am I so enthralled by the waif that walks the runway?

1) Johnny Depp- Enough said.  And please don’t give me any of that Winona Forever BS.  JD’s infamous tattoo now reads “Wino Forever,” which I can totally get behind.  Moss is also quoted many times as getting some of the best advice she’s ever had from Depp: “Never complain. Never explain.”

2) Girl Just Wants To Have Fun-  In the December 2012 issue of Vanity Fair (on which Moss graces the cover) her friends speak about getting “Mossed.”  “You get home at 9am, usually regretting you had to leave.”

“It’s a sin to be tired.”–Kate Moss

Moss herself even opens up about the term.  “People that don’t know me get Mossed.  It means, I was gonna go home, but then I just got led astray.  In the best possible way, of course.  I mean, it’s always fun, and a good time.”

She’s also friends with Keith Richards.  That’s almost too much cool for me to handle.  Can you imagine hanging with both of them at a party?  It’s enough to make a girl want to chain smoke with them.  But really, don’t smoke, it’s not cool…

3) The Confidence- Whether straddling Marky Mark, excuse me, Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein ad or strutting her stuff on the runway, Moss always exudes confidence.  She would never be the girl to call you before meeting for dinner to ask what you’re wearing to make sure that her outfit wasn’t too far off. She doesn’t ask permission.

4) The Style- It’s pretty much impossible not to be in awe of the woman that sparked the chic leopard coat craze that started in the 90s and ended…well, it hasn’t.  Her keen eye and casual fashion sense has made Moss one of the best dressed women in the world for the past two decades and makes me really want to raid her closet (which is also how she bribes her daughter.) “All those Pucci numbers and things that I wore when I was 17 that I won’t really wear. But I’m saving them for her, really. That’s my blackmail. ‘Don’t eat your dinner, and you won’t get my clothes. You won’t grow, and you won’t get into my clothes.’ Now she’s a fashion freak.” Mom of the year? No comment.

Now, isn’t it clear why she was the face of Calvin Klein’s fragrance “Obsession?”

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