We Still Love The 90's

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just what the Doctor ordered

Growing up 90’s kids, it should come as no surprise to anyone that we love 90’s fashion and are forever fans of Clueless, Nirvana, and Before Sunrise. (Yes we will be checking out Before Midnight, the latest in the Delpy-Hawke love trilogy). To this day we still have a couple of No Fear shirts hiding in the back of our closet. Luckily, the 90’s never entirely went out of style. Here are some updated pieces that pay homage to our favorite decade.

Overalls – Don’t care. We are totally wearing overalls again this summer, perhaps with a bikini top underneath and nothing more. We love these Citizens of Humanity overalls and this simple black pair of Lounger Overalls. Danielle of We Wore What has a noted overall obsession–i.e “overalls are my second skin,” obsession, so check out her blog for inspiration if you’re feeling a bit resigned to regular pants.

Baby Doll Dresses – Never really went out of style, but rather evolved with the times. Look to Cali based For Love and Lemons and their Bonnie pink and violet rosebud print dress. It’s perfect for the summer, and when paired with some light boots and a cute hat, you’re pretty much golden (tan to follow).

Bright and Crazy Prints – The 90’s saw an influx of brightly patterned pants (shout out to #hammertime). An easily updated version is the trend of brightly patterned leggings we’ve seen on more brazen chicks about town. We’re partial to Black Milk.

Plaid – 1995 brought us Liv Tyler and Empire Records, and we still haven’t been able to shake her plaid skirt, school girl look (or our raging A.J. crush–that grandpa sweater, swoon).  We’re still waiting on the followup Empire iPods. Anyway. Hedi Slimane also mostly recently marched 90’s babes down the Saint Laurent runway, albeit to mixed reviews and some snarky snark, we think a plaid skirt is a “must” addition to your closet. To avoid looking like jail bait, opt for something with asymmetrical lines, rather than school girl pleats. Plaid is best paired with something feminine, and a soft blouse will balance its traditionally masculine fabric.

Doc Martens – Doc will forever be in style. There are SO many new patterns now, you should have no trouble finding a pair that suits you!

90’s trends we suggest avoiding: Clogs, snap bracelets, multiple hair buns, butterfly anything, and seed beads.


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