How to Wear Wide-Legged Pants

Wide-legged pants are one of those trends that make you wonder whose bright idea it was to encourage mom-jean fashions. In fact, just the other day, a friend cried aloud her frustration that Anthropologie was indeed selling bright boho-inspired wide-legged pants. BCBG is also selling its own relaxed version of the pajama-like pant. The friend whined that wide-legged pants are quite possibly the most unflattering cut in existence. And her being a tall, full-bodied young woman with an athletic build – it’s understandable. Wide-legged pants have the danger of appearing too granny. The upside: You can make nearly any fashion trend work for you, given the right cut, shape and accessories. Yes, even wide-legged pants.


Balance is key. Because the pants are wide and billowy, make sure they sit comfortably fitted – but not too snug – on the narrow part of your waist. Pair the pants with a shrunken or cropped top. Avoid wearing a top that is also loose and flowy – you want to create an A-line shape that tapers down from your torso to your toes. So stick to lightweight tops that hug your chest and don’t hang too long; if it does, tuck it into your wide-legged pants and cinch your waist with a thin belt that won’t overpower your outfit.

Body Shapes

Billowy pants do the opposite of skinny jeans – they do wonders by covering muscular calves and create leaner lines. Try wearing a wide-legged pant with a vividly colored pattern. For fellow shorties out there, this is the time to go big on the high heels. Pick a pair of spiky stilettos or, for more comfort, some platform pumps. The wide-legged pants should cover nearly all of your feet, making your legs appear much longer.


Don’t go overboard with the accessories. Because wide-legged pants are a dramatic shape, wear a simple, neutral top. Stay away from chunky jewelry, which will weigh down the outfit. Instead, throw on a thin chain necklace or thin belt to tie the outfit together. The belt will pull in the narrowest part of your waist.


Keep the color scheme simple–sometimes just one color will do the trick.

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