French Revelation: Attaining the Signature Style of the Parisian It-Girl


she’s totally heading to rue-la-la.

It’s no secret, the sophisticated girls of Paris have been making and breaking trends for centuries. Simple and modern, they continue to inspire the fashion world with their effortlessly cool sensibility. So, how does one achieve such enviable style? Take cues from French cool girls of the past and present, keep things fresh and simple, and don’t be afraid to hoard your boyfriend’s closet (or your father’s for that matter).

French beauties have effortlessly mastered the art of allure. Undeniably, Brigitte Bardot is the leader of the pack. With her signature scoop neckline and revealing bathing suits, her message to the modern-day style-seeker is quite clear: make confidence your daily accessory. Charlotte Gainsbourg gives us a reason to be chic with style that is decidedly not-girly and features that aren’t traditionally gorgeous. Her gamine physique and shy demeanor have been touted as an inspiration for Balenciaga, which should be a lesson to us all that there’s no such thing as conventional beauty.

Simplicity reigns when it comes to the French girl’s fashion and beauty routine. Always fresh faced, with hair that looks like she just rolled out of bed, the cool girls of Paris have an obvious air of insouciance about them.  Accomplish the same with your own take on the tossled chignon, and makeup that involves little more than concealer and blush.  Hone in on your own personal panache and don’t forget to give off plenty of je ne sais quoi.

Channel your inner tomboy and incorporate masculine pieces into your daily look. Pairing your boyfriend’s denim work shirt with your favorite scarf and beatle boot creates an outfit that’s not over thought but downright charming. Dare to be different than your continental peers and style yourself as edgy and chic. Peruse your best guy-friend’s collection of concert tees and throw a pair of tie-dye skinny jeans on underneath. Mixing boyish staples, rock-inspired trends and ultra feminine accessories creates a look that’s sexy but not vulgar, which is the trademark of the Parisian it-girl. –Laina Miller

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