Five Easy Items To DIY Into Your Wardrobe

DIY Fashion

the craftier you are, the happier.

DIY Fashion was all the rage in 2012. With the wild fire like spread of popular sites such as Pinterest & Craft Gawker, women all over the world have found themselves diving head first into their creative side to make everything from beauty products, to home goods, and yes, even their wardrobe.

2013 will bring an even larger audience of fashion forward ladies into the trend of DIY, and to get you started, here are five easy DIY items to add to your wardrobe.

DIY Statement Ring. One of our fav DIY Fashionistas is the lovely Kristen Turner from Glitter ‘N Glue. We could spend hours on her site, and probably do an entire post just on what she’s made alone, but for the sake of time, let’s start you with this beautiful Emerald Green Button Ring.

Splatter Art Necklace. Another must-know DIYer is Erica Domesek from P.S.- I Made This… another incredible fashion DIY site that has instructions on how to make everything from necklaces, to bags, to t-shirts, and beyond.

Studded Heals. We couldn’t talk DIY without adding in a piece by Jenni Radosevich from I Spy DIY.  Another fabulously creative woman we love who takes DIY fashion to another level.

Triangle Stripe T-Shirt.  We love Anne Hollabaugh from Wobisobi for so many reasons. She is a fashion forward momma who knows more ways to make a t-shirt look chic than any other DIY blogger out there. All of her tutorials are user friendly, and a lot of the times you already have everything you need in your closet!

DIY Shorts. Ok, we know it’s winter right now, but you could always pair these with some thick leggings and a long coat to keep you cozy warm. Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess have a ton of great ideas for updating shorts you may already have in your closet! –Sasha Huff

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