Finding the Perfect Bra: Say Bye-Bye to the Uniboob

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BREASTS are like snowflakes – no two pairs are the same. And no matter your size, there’s nothing quite as unique (or as excruciating) as bra shopping. I would almost rather go to the dentist — there are no mirrors and you get free stuff. But for real, how many times have you been shopping for a bra, only to find that nothing fits right, the materials are itchy or filled with awkward padding, and you can’t make any real decisions because your self-esteem crashed and burned on the floor of a poorly-lit dressing room? If this doesn’t happen to you while bra shopping, well, then bless you and your flawless measurements or self-esteem, whichever may be the case. But for the rest of us, where do we find the perfect-fitting brassieres for our unique lady lumps?

Well, according to LA-based breast and bra expert extraordinaire, Elisabeth Dale, there’s been a booming trend in the bra industry attempting to solve the dilemma of finding the perfect bra. “Victoria’s Secret may be in every mall in America, but their bra styles and sizes don’t fit every body type,” says Dale. “New intimate apparel brands are emerging to meet not only your unique body style, but also hope to match your lifestyle,” she adds.

Dale, who has visited countless lingerie trade shows and is up-to-date on all things breast-related, has been devoted to educating women on how to find the right bra for your body type, among other important booby issues. She even wrote a book called Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls. She knows where to find the best bras out there, and how to shop for your body and your budget, all so we don’t have to stress over our distinctive requirements like a vegetarian searching for the only meatless option on a menu.

Based on her expert opinion, here’s a curated list of six stores all based in Los Angeles that cater to specific bra needs:

Stylish Deep Cups With Small Bands
If your cups runneth over, but your band width is tiny, try Sundays Intimates. This fairly new brand was started by two petite “busty gals” frustrated with their lack of options. Targeting young women that are looking for bigger cup sizes (D to H) with small bands (28-34), the styles they offer are fresh, cute, and well-made, which we all know can oftentimes be hard to find. The made-in-Cali brand also carries fun basics with matching robes and PJs, catering to all of your other intimate needs.

Small Cups Can Have Fun Too
Serving the opposite end of the cup size spectrum is The Little Bra Company. “Made exclusively for women with smaller bands and cups (28 to 38 A, 28 to 36 B, and 28 to 34C), you can purchase directly from their website or from a number on-line lingerie retailers and boutiques,” says Dale. The brand’s lacy styles and comfortable fits claim to perk up even the smallest breasts to help create sexy cleavage. How uplifting!

“Trashy” Lingerie

Long before there was a Victoria’s Secret, there was L.A.’s Trashy Lingerie. The 25-year-old boutique on La Cienega is a one-stop shop for all your lingerie needs, from bras, bustiers, stockings, costumes, and even shoes. Sizes run from S to XL fitting A to DD cups (but they do custom orders in larger sizes for corsets). Everything is locally made and if its styles are too provocative for your taste, you’ll at least find a fun Halloween costume from its “Masochistic, Rebel Yell & Toxic” original collection, among many others.

The Green Bra

Looking for eco-friendly lingerie? Try Clare Bare, an LA-based artist creating unique designs with an eye on the environment and on your natural curves. Her line includes bralettes, swimwear, and rompers that are all made from bamboo jersey and vintage fabric. This brand is perfect for the restrictive underwire haters, or any other kind of uncomfortable hardware that many mainstream bra brands use. Save your girls and the environment to boot.

Faux Vintage Lingerie
If you’re more into a rockabilly-meets-Hollywood-glam look, check out What Katie Did. Although What Katie Did is a UK brand, its only US store is located on Melrose in the heart of Hollywood, where you’ll find classic bras, retro shapewear, corsets, and vintage-styled hosiery. Its style captures one of the biggest trends happening in lingerie today, and really celebrates classic curves. No more uniboobs!

Like Butter
Addiction Nouvelle just moved into Beverly Hills and offers sophisticated basics that are so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off. Its smooth-like-butter materials come in monochromatic colors that are perfect for the bra shopper looking for more simple designs — minus all of the frill — and flatter any body type. In addition to their own brand, they carry other luxury lines such as Mimi Holliday, Absolutely Pom, and Nina Ricci.

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, check out Elisabeth’s site here for more brands and information on how to live the breast possible life you can.

Image Credit: Pierre Couronne

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