Fashion Hashtags

for #inspiration.

for #inspiration.


The world of hashtags can be a lost, lost place. Too many Instagram captions and tweets are guilty of sticking a number sign #in #front #of #every #word to attract more followers. Do that too often, and you’ll lose the point of your message in a sea of generic hashtags. But there’s a reason why we don’t type every sentence chock full of tags – strong branding requires strong points of view, and the best points of view are those that are narrowly defined. The Daily Beast does a good job rounding up photo galleries of Instagrams from celebrities and designers in the fashion world. Here are a few other fashion hashtags for wardrobe inspirations:


Tumblr has some great sources of rocker chic inspiration, featuring street style outfits that walk a fine line between trashy punk rocker and uptown urban rocker. Check out this Tumblr, Rocker Chic Fashion. Sleek black and white pieces paired with studded bracelets and sharp high heeled booties give the rocker look a more refined look.


Look to this hashtag on Instagram for ways to incorporate menswear-inspired pieces into your outfit, whether it’s a suit jacket, a bow tie or a pair of loafers. Follow it especially during New York Fashion Week for photos of dudes in sartorial swagger.


Browse through funky outfits seen on the street, including a lady walking her dog in a pink transparent tunic layered over a white top and black bottom, to-die-for high heels and a printed jumpsuit. You’ll also get all manner of blue, purple and pink hair; keep sifting through the photos. You’ll eventually end up on a gem, such as a metallic floor-length skirt that looks like steel.

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